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Dueling Sausages and KitKat Communism

Host: Rebecca Watson Guests: Dana Cory, Karinda Dobbins, Cat Bobino, Keith Lowell Jensen Categories: SCIENCE!, The Animal Kingdom, Psychos, and Science According to Children Educated in the US Educational System Photo by Baranduin/bbamok Read More
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White Jesus, The Goblin, and Unremarkable Dogs

Host: Rebecca Watson Guests: Janet D. Stemwedel, Robin Tran, Cate Gary, Ariel Waldman, Keith Lowell Jensen Categories: SCIENCE!, Spoopy Things that aren’t Real, Spoopy Things that Are Real, Science According to the Ig Nobels Photo... Read More
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Quit Your Job to Smile at Goats

Host: Rebecca Watson Guests: J. Kenji López-Alt, Matt Gubser, Trace Dominguez, Justin Robert Young, Ashley Paramore Categories: SCIENCE!, Terrible People, Things You Don’t Know About Food, The Alex Jones Memorial Dumbass Round Photo by Belle McClain Read More
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Quizlet! J. Kenji López-Alt on Science and Food

This week, Rebecca Watson chats with J. Kenji López-Alt about making the jump from architecture to serious cooking, and why you don’t really need to boil all that water for pasta. Tickets to the September 6... Read More
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