Trace Dominguez joins Rebecca to chat about how baby zebra finches learn to sing from mothers who don’t sing!

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Justin Robert Young joins Rebecca to talk about what could be worse for a kid than a potato. Oxford study we discuss:

On SciAm:

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It’s a rowdy show at San Francisco Sketchfest!

Host: Rebecca Watson

Guests: Steve Silberman, Dr. Jennifer McCreight, Kiry Shabazz, Dr. Jonathan FoleyKeith Lowell Jensen

Categories: The Science of Comedy, Awesome Animal Facts, Stupid Humans, Pokemon or Drug?

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

Keith and Rebecca discuss why it’s better to give than to receive, and how three brains can link together to play Tetris! Also, Rebecca learns what a lucky Pierre is.

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Rebecca Watson and Keith Lowell Jensen discuss saving coral reefs, how having a daughter makes men less sexist, and why two atheists enjoy Christmas so much.

Coral reefs:


Host: Rebecca Watson

Guests: Vicky Vasquez, Kaveh Hoda, Justin Robert YoungKeith Lowell Jensen

Categories: SCIENCE!, Christmas Science, Hannukah Science, and Sex According to Tumblr’s New Algorithm

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

Keith and Rebecca test out a brand new format for Quizlets, in which they pose each other Quiz-o-Tron-style questions about current news stories and then chat about them.

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Host: Rebecca Watson

Guests: Dana Cory, Karinda Dobbins, Cat Bobino, Keith Lowell Jensen

Categories: SCIENCE!, The Animal Kingdom, Psychos, and Science According to Children Educated in the US Educational System

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

Rebecca Watson chats with biologist, teacher, and TV presenter Cat Bobino about being a roving science nerd, growing up without role models who look like you, and becoming a role model for future generations!

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This week, Rebecca Watson and Keith Lowell Jensen chat with next month’s feature Quiz-o-Tron comedian, Karinda Dobbins!

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