Patrons can read the full script of the show with links to all studies and news items here:

Host: Rebecca Watson

Guests: Kate Wing, Trace Dominguez, Justin Robert YoungKeith Lowell Jensen

Categories: SCIENCE!, Animals What Are Real, A Category Rebecca Made Up to Ask One Question, Animals What Ain’t Real

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Patrons can read the full script of the show with links to all studies and news items here:

Host: Rebecca Watson

Guests: Sarafina Nance, Drew Curtis, Alex SmithKeith Lowell Jensen

Categories: SCIENCE!, Nerds and Losers, Animals, The Science of Coast to Coast AM

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

Rebecca Watson and Keith Lowell Jensen discuss the 106th Indian Science Congress and the ridiculous things said there.

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In this week’s Quizlet, Rebecca chats with her old Skepchick comrades Maria D’Souza Walters and A B Kovacs about the difference between the brains of morning people and night owls!

Study: Circadian phenotype impacts the brain’s resting state functional connectivity, attentional performance and sleepiness

Rebecca chats with astrophysicist Dr. Katie Mack about rubbing elbows at Sundance, the ethics of what you eat, and whether or not close members of Dr. Mack’s family experience true self-awareness.

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Link to a news article about the test the fish passed

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Trace Dominguez joins Rebecca to chat about how baby zebra finches learn to sing from mothers who don’t sing!

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Justin Robert Young joins Rebecca to talk about what could be worse for a kid than a potato. Oxford study we discuss:

On SciAm:

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It’s a rowdy show at San Francisco Sketchfest!

Host: Rebecca Watson

Guests: Steve Silberman, Dr. Jennifer McCreight, Kiry Shabazz, Dr. Jonathan FoleyKeith Lowell Jensen

Categories: The Science of Comedy, Awesome Animal Facts, Stupid Humans, Pokemon or Drug?

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

Keith and Rebecca discuss why it’s better to give than to receive, and how three brains can link together to play Tetris! Also, Rebecca learns what a lucky Pierre is.

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