Quiz-o-Tron has been around in some form since 2010, but has been a monthly live show in San Francisco since April of 2018! Here’s a list of some past winners, past losers, and the occasional photo of everyone.

November 2018

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

WINNER: The Audience

Other contestants: Cat Bobino, Karinda Dobbins, Dana Cory, Keith Lowell Jensen

October 2018

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

WINNER: Janet D. Stemwedel and Cate Gary

Other contestants: Ariel Waldman, Robin Tran, Keith Lowell Jensen

September 2018

Photo by Belle McClain

WINNER: Matt Gubser

Other contestants: J. Kenji López-Alt, Trace Dominguez, Keith Lowell Jensen

August 2018

Photo by baranduin/bbamok

WINNER: Ngaio Bealum

Other contestants: Kishore Hari, Dr. Jennifer Gunter, Keith Lowell Jensen

July 2018

Photo by Baranduin Briggs, @bbamok

Photo by Baranduin/bbamok

WINNER: Vicky Vasquez

Other contestants: Will Durst, Charlie Jane Anders, Keith Lowell Jensen

June 2018

WINNER: Natasha Muse

Other contestants: Seth Shostak, Adam Rogers, Keith Lowell Jensen

May 2018

WINNERS: Will Smith, Camille Eddy, Christian Amaral

Other contestant: Keith Lowell Jensen