Quizlet is a weekly show in which Rebecca Watson and Keith Lowell Jensen chat with the upcoming month’s Quiz-o-Tron guests! This month’s comedian guest is the legendary Will Durst, who you can see live on stage July 5 at Pianofight in San Francisco! Ticket info will be up soon at Quizotron.com!

Guests: Seth Shostak of SETI, Adam Rogers of Wired, and comedians Natasha Muse and Keith Lowell Jensen

Host: Rebecca Watson

Categories: SCIENCE!, Gay Science, Sex, and Science According to Infowars

Recorded live at Pianofight in San Francisco on June 7, 2018!

Ticketing info for next month at quizotron.com.

On this special bonus Quizlet, frequent Quiz-o-Tron guest Justin Robert Young tells Rebecca and Keith how to pay rent through podcasting. Everyone then very quickly gets side-tracked by Keith’s best friend Roseanne, who is allowed to say the word “cunt,” and the derivation of the word “butthurt.” Tickets to next week’s live Quiz-o-Tron show are available on Eventbrite.

On our third Quizlet, we introduce this month’s comedian contestant: Natasha Muse! Natasha talks about what it’s like to be a transgender teen who escapes to San Francisco to become one of the city’s best stand-ups. Natasha will be back for Quiz-o-Tron on June 7. Tickets to the live show are available on Eventbrite.